HYPERNATION (BP106) - album download

solo trombone

'Hypernation' is five track piece, something between Smegma, Ace Farren Ford and Throbbing Gristle's 'Beachy Head' (from '20 Jazz Funk Greatest').

'Mysterious, abstract and eerie, like the performer is in post-apolcalyptic destroyed world alone playing his trombone for the fallen world.'

UTOPIAN DREAM (BP105) - album download

trombone & electronics

Utopian Dream is a definitive statement about the destruction of common ideology, capitalism, greed and war in the 20th and 21st centuries. The LP explores the relationships between the destruction of physical and metaphysical ideologies and the birth of something new, maybe better. The LP seeks to show that there are many different paths which nature may take us on and which have no end or beginning. The randomness within nature and the chaos we can inflict on nature or that nature can inflict on us is an ever-present in the LP. We are forced to confront our own weaknesses as individuals, as a collective race and are forced to consider the wider implications of our actions on ourselves and on others. Our brutalist, oppressive system which has led to the slaughter of millions of people over the last two thousands years or more is testament to humanity’s ability to destroy itself over and over again. Is there a better way? Can we possibly change our very substantive inclinations? Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past? Can we find a better, more harmonious future on earth?

SYSTEM BROKEN (BP098) - single download

‘System broken is a work about the fact that the entire system within which we live is broken. Capitalism is broken, the music industry is broken, human rights are broken. Our society has massive inequality and deprivation and doesn’t work properly. Musical genres like Jazz are dominated by rich private school educated old-boys. The establishment has corrupted all musical forms. Our lives are colonized by the state, we are told what to think and what not to think. We are fed lies by the government. We are made to feel that we are worthless and free thought is tightly controlled. We are all terrorists if we have opinions. We are radicalized if we criticize politicians. We are all prisoners of the state, capitalism, colonial legacies, the aristocracy and power systems which the media promote through relentless propaganda. We starve if the rich wants us to. We suffer if the rich want us to. We die if the rich want us to. There is nothing we can do about it’. #brexit

K.T.Reeder is a trombonist and sonic artist from Oxford, United Kingdom. Reeder was educated at the Royal College of Music (JD) – (2001-2003 - Trombone/Piano), Royal Academy of Music, London (2003-2005 - Bass Trombone) and Oxford Brookes University – (2013-2015 - MA Composition and Sonic Art).

Reeder's work explores the relationship between sound, context and protest with a focus on protest against systems and institutions from an internal perspective. Reeder has studied and worked extensively with the theories of Joseph Beuys who has influenced his work.

Some collaborators have included: Pat Thomas - Oxford Improvisers (2013), Martin Hackett (2014-2015), Claude Colpaert (2015), Julian Faultless (2015) and

Gary Charles (2016 - ).
Some groups Reeder has been involved with are: 1984ensemble (Founder - 2013-2015), Oxford Improvisers (2014/2015) and the Murmurists (2016 - ).
Some venues Reeder has performed at include: Modern Art Oxford, Oxford - Solo performance (2015) and Cafe OTO, London - with Murmurists (2016).

Reeder has been interviewed once by 15 questions. net. Interview here: 15 questions.

SOURCE OF BEING (BP111) - album download

2nd solo trombone album

CENTRAL IDEOLOGY (BP113) - album download

3rd solo trombone album

COMMUNE 7 (BP114) - album download

2nd Concept album (2017)

This album is about the searching need for reconciliation in the world. The need for peoples to come together, to help and support eachother and to forge a better place for all living beings on earth. The album talks of betrayal in the broadest sense, selfishness of the human condition and the absurdities, which exist within our society. The clear and definite need for political and sociological change within our society is ever present in the work; as is the ultimate need to rid the world of power mad abusive institutional figures. The work deals with death, life and the continuous flow of creative energy, which will never be suppressed.

TRANSITION (BP115) - album download

GARAGE-JAZZ (BP116) - single download

SHOCK PAIN (BLOCKMAN ft. KRIS T.REEDER) (BP119) - single download

Why not think about seering pain running down your spine or the locked muscularity of time? Why not think about the masculinity of vehicle control and the damaging effects on another soul? Why not consider the victims of your viper sadistic occupation of metal boxes and consider your own doom in time? Everything has a unique, humanistic, primal disturbing, alienated spine assigned.