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The New Immigrant Hymne

‘Sayonara. I'm the Michael Jackson of Asia.

Please love me!’

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Camera by Rene Siciliano

Editing by Sina Khani http://www.sinakhani.com

Sina Khani, 32 years old, male, Irano-German, based in Amsterdam, Bochum & Berlin, is an ex-artist, ex-comedian, ex-talkshow host and currently focusing solely on his solo music career as singer and composer.

Sina Khani @ Vice : De Nieuwe Warhols 

SINA KHANI - Hot Bling Bling - (BP088) - clip

SINA KHANI - Shrek (BP083) - single digital

    • BLDK - Vitamin Kale (BP110) - single/DL

    These lunatics put themselves deliberately into an almost suicidal K-hole

    to give an authentic performance for their music videos. Some might call

    it an artistic experiment, others a world-worn stupidity.

    * ‘K-hole’ is the subjective state of dissociation from the body        

    experienced after high doses of the dissociativeanesthetic ketamine. This

    state mimics schizophrenia, out-of-body experiences and near-death

    experiences, and is accompanied by feelings of extreme
    derealization, depersonalization and disorientation, as well as        

    temporary memory loss and vivid hallucinations.

    ** ‘Vitamin Kale’ is a freshly coined slang term for Ketamine. Use it!

    *** Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani is an irrelevant pop-band,

    showcasing a seductive sensibility with illegal lyrical content and an

    almost perverted catchiness. BLDK consists of Steven Bos, Susan Lanting,

    Gover Meit & Sina Khani.


    √     boslantingdouchekhani

• SINA KHANI - Loving Me is Easy Because I’m Beautiful (BP123) - single/DL

‘Dear fans,

As you know I am a refugee from Iran. I now live in Ex-Nazi Germany. And I have a huge crush on Anne Frank, the beautiful eternal Jewish girl. 

This is where I believe my affection for her comes from. There are two types of people: The ones that don't need full information about a certain topic to form their opinion versus the ones that have strong perceptive skills and are truly open-minded.

The first type I like to call "The J's", deriving from the adjective "judgemental". I prefer to ignore these people and exclude them from my life, but that's a different story.

The second type I like to call my beloved ones, my dearests, my friends.

Like Anne. Anne was a deeply apprehensive person who reacted to the nastiest, most unfair suffering thrown upon her with incomrehensible sensibilty and the most poignent sense of humor that literature or perhaps mankind has ever witnessed. She owned the ability to understand the immeasurable suffering that was thrown upon her instinctively, without the need for pretentiously conscious bullshit reasoning. Intuitively. Like me. 

She was highly emotional, a sentimentalist, a person with deep feelings. Like me. 

She loved herself more than she loved any other person. She trusted herself more than she trusted the idiots in her life. Just like me. 

I have the exact same characteristics. It is easy for everyone to love Anne Frank because she is beautiful. And it is easy for me to love myself. Because I'm beautiful. I define myself as the free, male, modern, Persian Anne Frank. That's why I recorded this song and made this video. Now I am sharing it with you, dear fans. Feel free to enjoy this little smash hit. 

P.S. I fucking love you, Anne!’