This song... is about all levels of love.

    Sensual. Sexual. Mystical.

    Holding tight – and letting go...

    Pain. Joy. Pleasure. Planet Earth. Our bodies.

    The universe....

    This is my vision on conception.

    Conception of an idea, a thought, a child…

    A moment in time, brutally remembered.

    released 17 December 2013

    written, recorded, produced by Elektra Dekker

    final mix: Willem Bloem @ Flowerhouse - mastering: Carl Saff

    cover image © Kaleidoscope Dreams

• ELEKTRA - SUICIDE SIREN -  6 track 10” (BP031)

    incl. poster & download & bonus track

    a lyrical exploration on the edges of pop, classical and    

    experimental music.

    An ancient story unraveling, without end or beginning, yet

    with a happy final note for a change of tone;

    or in other words: to be continued...

    'They were lovely maidens

    Who came to this earth

    To give it all beauty

    That it still deserves

    The men became greedy

    Destroyed their swan cloaks...

    Now our lovely ladies

    All had to remain

    Unhappy became them

    And sorrow sustained...

    Forever enchanted

    Forever enslaved.'


    (© Elektra Dekker | 19 September 2013 | 13:13 CET)

    #Elektra #SuicideSiren ♏♆♌

• ELEKTRA - CRAZY BABY Ltd 7'' (BP066)

    incl. download plus 2 bonus remixes by Rooie Waas and

    Moduli plus the official Crazy Baby videoclip.

    Whenever you sleep under starry skies, you can't stop

    wondering whether each of us have a star somewhere, in the

    deep deep dark of nocturnal skies. The sky literally seems to

    be filled with stories, the moon sings songs and the wind

    whispers secrets never told.

    Some say that love never truly dies, but keeps on echoing    

    through the universe till infinity. We never choose whom to    

    love and love never arrives when expected.

    Others say that love is an entity. A gift from the gods to the 

    humans. Just like a flower it needs to be watered, fed and

    given space. Otherwise it simply leaves.

    Love can not sustain itself in cities, it needs land, forests,

    lakes, mountains, oceans. You can invite it to your own piece

    of land and it will stay... But invite her to your city apartment,

    and it won't.

    Some say that love is insanity. Whenever someone does I 

    wonder whether they are afraid of surrender, for surrender is

    madness. Surrender is devotion. It is letting go of ego and

    trusting that the current will take your soul where it needs to


    All religions of the world agree that Love is the Greatest of

    All, perhaps even greater than God itself. All governments

    bow before it. All beauty holds its breath when it appears. All

    artists breathe its inspiration when it visits. Love is known to

    incite wars and revolutions... and to make them cease. Love

    can heal... and there are some who kill in its name. Some

    give love a bad name... while few turn it into legend.

    Throughout history love has never been able to get

    imprisoned in the realm of reason. It simply is... There's no

    need to believe in it. Love is a fact, without any tangible

    proof present. Perhaps love is the greatest mystery of all and

    as Plato remarked 'The madness of love is the greatest of

    heaven's blessings.' Crazy Baby, how long my heart loved

    you...' Elektra Dekker | 17 June 2013

• ELEKTRA - IN-VERSED Poetry Bundle - illustrated   (BP073)

    An exploration of external worlds being a manifestation of
    internal realms. 
    Can day live without night? And death without life?
    Can love exist without hatred?
    Or does all have its place, dimension and realm?http://elektramusic.org

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• ELEKTRA - MAKE BELIEVE MAN (single extended) (BP028)

• ELEKTRA - EUDEMONIA (radio edit) (BP026)




   artwork inside: Roger Ballen

• ELEKTRA - JUMP (CD) 5 track EP (BP004)

            New Poems Disseminate, Charros


        a 4-track EP partly recorded in 432hz
        1/ Atlantinea (Drowned Mix)
        2/ iFeel
        3/ Skin
        4/ Elements of Fragments
                √ trailer 
                √ radioshow @dwalmacat #662

   ‘Elektra returns to the scene with this desolate sounding album, 
    which is only an introduction to all upcoming releases. 
    Pitch-black depths, tidal waves, wealth of feminine feelings,
    irrationality, passion, murder and myth, resurrections and 
    legends, ancient and modern, visible and hidden from view in 
    plain sight... “Elements of Fragments” is an album full of 
    contradictions, experiments, painful silence between the notes 
    and level of intensity previously unheard in Elektra’s work. 
    Masks stripped bare, illusions cast aside, dreams gone astray, 
    love forsaken, hope questioned... 
    Welcome, dear listener! Please enjoy responsibly...” 
  1. ELEKTRA contributed a remix version to BIG HARE single

    1/ Adult Life

    2/ An Amazon

    3/ An Amazon (ELEKTRA remix)

  1. ELEKTRA - MODENA (DL)    (BP099)

    epic recording

    an electronic one track opera single

   composed, arranged, recorded, produced, mixed & cover art

   by Elektra / mastering: EarLabs, Jos Smolders

  1. ELEKTRA - FREQUENCY            (BP081)

    LP / CD / DL


   'Based on a series of dreams I’ve been having while living on

   the grounds of a heavily haunted monastery. An otherworldly

   being would visit me every night for many months telling me

   the story of her life. How she used to be human, and how she

   made some wrong choices, and now she wanted her story to

   be heard. She moved me till the depth of my soul, and I also

   made an effort to summarize her entire story in words, not just

   in words set on music.'

   Elektra Dekker: compositions, instruments, recordings, vocals,

   arrangements, production, mixing, artwork

   Niels van der Weiden: additional drums and processing

   (1,2,8,9) / additional bass (1,2,4) / noise (2) / brass (4) /

   additional piano (1,8) / analogue lead, mechanical organ

   (7,8) / church bell (8)

   Cover design: Kaftwerk, Janine Hendriks

   Mastering engineer: Rinus Hooning

   Executive producer: Wim Dekker

  1. ELEKTRA - SPIRITS SUMMONED WEST (ST)      (BP103)       

    interpretation of D.H.Lawrence's masterpiece